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I remember when we were finally able to have a child. It took ten years and surgery on my wife before that occurred; it took a lot out of us. You can imagine what kind of doting parents we were. We read to our son constantly.

Through our whole conversation he navigates his iphone like a madman with only seconds to live. He types so fast, his fingers moving over the keys at such a rate, you feel the draft off the speed. He was playing a game and texting, simultaneously. [ I have trouble keeping up with one bingo card.] He said he was waiting on friends who were in seeing their advisors.

“What about me?” Riley, a tall, lanky guy says walking up beside Jessica. “I’ve been up here three times this week.” Riley wants to enter the surgical technologist field with the incentive of graduation in 12 months. His choice of profession has resulted in his new moniker, ‘Egor’. Jason offers why they should both register online. Riley says he has tried but couldn’t get the page to download. Jessica makes disparaging remarks about Jason’s Mother doing everything for him. With a parting shot about Riley needing remedial classes because of his low College- Level Academic Skills Test scores. “You know I don’t test well without mocha chino.” he adds in his defense.

Inattention in the classroom or at home may be due to ADD/ADHD, but it may also be due to an auditory processing difficulty or a visual processing difficulty. There are many similarities between ADD/ADHD, auditory processing difficulties and visual processing difficulties. There are a variety of remedies for each of these difficulties.

I can come up with a few recommendations. If you are planning to travel for an prolonged time, give consideration to taking a RS Aggarwal Quantitative Aptitude PDF. If you can encourage your children to be regular with math, it will allow YOU to feel as if the year is not misused. It is rather simple to accumulate three science credits for high school even though you have a year off. Math skills, however, are often lost if they are not used. If you ask them to do a little bit of math each day, it may help them to maintain that information. Even when they only accomplish a few problems, it can help maintain those skills! When they are doing work at a high school level in math, think about buying an SAT work book, and just working on a couple of math problems every day.

Fortunately, however, I have grown quite a bit since 4th grade and I have learned that those moments are just that…moments. They don’t last forever and there is ALWAYS a solution. Once I vented my frustration with a few tears, drank a tall glass of water, and took long nap, I was able to look at the situation with a fresh perspective. Every time my mind wanted to say, “I’m so overwhelmed!” I would say, “I’m so overwhelmed, BUT I know I can figure out a solution.” Sure enough, I eventually figured out a couple of options and immediately began to feel better!

The snake is the symbol on the death card in the Tarot. It is turn a new leaf, shedding your skin to a new life. Upon his attempts to walk a new path the snake busts a vein laughing and dies. So pitiful is the truth in Pinocchio’s attempt to change.

Behind successful students is a parent who took the time to spend with them. Every evening, sit down with your student and help them succeed. You will be rewarded with a teenager who has better grades and more self-confidence.