The Benefits Of A Saltless Water Softener

Water softeners aren’t really a sexy purchase, but they can go a long way toward making life better in your home. Hard water is a common problem associated with well water. You may have noticed rings in your toilet or dishwasher, laundry not quite getting cleaned, etc. Many times the answer can be a water softener. Most kinds of softener machines are sized according to how many people are going to use them. The bigger the unit the more expensive it is. Most people think that the typical purchase of a water softener is a sizable investment, but it doesn’t have to be.

Most independent auto detailing professionals agree that areas with hard water will also cause a film on cars that are washed when no softener is used. They also agreed at the annual conference that the decision to purchase a softener should be based on a real water test. You might wish to contact a water treatment dealer such as: Rain Soft, Culligan, Apollo, Calgon, Rayne portable water softener Systems or the Water Man in your area. They can help you by having the local water tested or ask city water authority for information on their supply. Once your decision is made to purchase a softener, selecting the proper equipment is easy. Softener sizes should be based upon two factors: Flow Rate (GPM) and Grains Per Gallon (GPG).

Solar salt falls in the middle of the three categories. Solar salt contains approximately 85% sodium chloride, so the water will be receiving more of the salt solution with solar salt than rock salt but not as much as evaporated salt. Also, solar salt is a bit more water soluble than rock salt meaning that the reservoir won’t need to be cleaned as often. However, because solar salt is not as water soluble than evaporated salt, it still needs to be cleaned quite regularly.

best compact water softener work by replacing ions of the minerals that cause hardness with “”softer”” ions. Water is filtered through charged plastic beads and the magnesium or calcium ions are replaced with sodium or potassium ions. In the case of magnetic water softeners, magnetic energy causes chemical changes in the minerals.

Cash register or POS computer? – A computer POS (point of sale) system is good there is no doubt about it. These are the ones that have the touch screen monitors and such. However, they are probably (and arguably) best for analyzing your sales and inventory only, and not much more. They do not speed up your customer line.

We added an Aquasana Premium Under counter Water Filter for a drinking water treatment system under the kitchen sink to get drinkable water. This filter extracts the impurities down to 0.995%. This is the equivalent or superior to the bottled water and I don’t acquire a headache from drinking this water.

Attach the hoses to your new faucet from the final stage filter per the manufactures instructions. Turn the water on and look for leaks. Re-tighten any junction that leaks. Let the water run through the filter per the manufacturers instructions. Now you can test the taste of your own Aquasana Premium filtered water treatment system.