Social Media 101 Seminars – How To Teach A Class That Rocks!

I recently completed three back-to-back social networking presentations for small business owners and one of the most burning questions coming from the audience always surrounds how to set up an effective Twitter account.

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Do you tweet? You should. Most online entrepreneurs have a change twitter handle these days. Even if you rarely use it – and if you don’t, you are making a big mistake – adopt a handle to see what the power players in your industry are up to. If they have accounts than you should have an account.

First and most obviously, make sure to fill out your Twitter profile in full when you sign up. Remember that when someone checks out your profile, they won’t be able to learn much about you based solely on your tweets. This is why it’s important to fill out your profile in full with good information because this is most of what people will have to go on when visiting your Twitter profile and deciding whether or not that they want to follow you. Another aspect of your profile is to get a custom background for yourself rather than going with a stock background from Twitter. I’ll talk about how to create your own background for free and easily for yourself at the end of this article.

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Have you seen commercials or advertisements to get a gold buyer? Have you change twitter handle wondered how you can participate in something this way? One of the best ways of participate is hosting ones own in-home party. This is a sensible way to spend time with family and friends while everyone makes a little money privately. In order to be successful, here are a few ways to planning out your party.

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While the prospect of meeting with a gold buyer is appealing a lot of people won’t have the time for you to stay at the party for the entire time. With an open house style party your guests will come and go as they please during a set amount of time.