Put Romance Back Into Your Relationship To Save Your Marriage

Really… what happened to men being romantic? The simple things… a call to say “I was just thinking about you” (or in the modern world where texts and social media seems to have taken over picking up the phone) a simple text to say “how’s your day going?” or “would you like to have lunch with me?” or even the affectionate display towards each other, regardless of where you may be?

It is so easy to create romantic moments if you know what makes your partner happy when they are with you and even when they are out of your side. For instance, you can make romantic text messages and phone calls – say things that carry potent romantic undercurrent like “I really miss you baby,” “I want you baby,” “your voice, oh your voice,” “I want to look into those eyes of yours, baby,” etc.

So what was the meaning behind his gesture? What was he feeling about and towards her? That she needs to “fix stuff”? Men often need to wrap their heads around the idea that the more impractical, the more fairy-tale-like the gift or gesture — the more romantic it is for many women.

The power of romance does not lie solely on sexual intimacy. Just a night out every month with your spouse would reinvigorate a marriage. It is a great time to show openly how you miss each other. It is a nice time to watch your spouse express his or her love for you. A hug, a smile, a kiss, or a walk together is simple ways to let your partner know how you feel. Going back to the basics of the relationship is not a demanding way to put romance back into your relationship to save your marriage. The swirl of bills, work, and children can put a strain on the relationship. Heal it back by spending time with your spouse.

The key to identifying movies we could consider a romantic comedy, is to analyze the relationship between the couple. If the romance is only used to spice things up in a movie, then it’s probably not. If you could erase the whole romantic scene from the movie, and it makes no difference whatsoever, then the movie clearly has no talent for being one. But, if the video gay portion of the movie defines the characters and supports the main storyline, then a rom-com might be lurking on your screen.

There is still a little hope. We can still look at the yearly pillars. If we can find a favorable year, she can still have a favorable relationship for a year. So which year is it? 2027. 2027 is the best year for romance for Jeannie. Let me explain why…

Garden dinner. On his birthday, cook his favorite food and setup a dining table on your garden. Hire experts to put up romantic lighting and setup the yard to make it look like a little paradise. If you don’t want to pay for lights, use scented candles to make the dinner more romantic. If you two are parents, ask the kids to give you privacy even for a few hours just so you can give him that great dinner as a romantic gift.