Phone Detective Review

The city where the prank caller leaves or works is not a problem when it comes to the reverse cell phone lookup. The reverse cell phone lookup is popular and efficient because of the speed at which it exposes prank callers and cheats.

These companies prank videos have huge privately owned databases. These databases contain millions of records to track down names, addresses, city and state information.

I have personally combed through over a dozen websites to try and find a 100% free reverse phone lookup tool. There were a bunch of ads that said they do it free. But they only told me the following information for free.

Who did that? Not me! Some of the older kids play practical jokes on each other regardless. Take a small object and tie a clear string (fish-line will do) to it. Have the object sitting in the middle of the room. When someone comes close to it, move it. Watch that person jump on a chair! Do not do on those with medical problems.

The 2009 Halloween prank posted on You Tube according to CBS News stated that the You Tube user StagNews shares his ideas for the ultimate Halloween gold digger prank.

Rubber bands are like tape; they can be used for nearly everything. You know those plastic mats that a lot of offices have on the floor to help office chairs roll around more smoothly? Well those mats have tiny fingers on the bottom that grip the carpet. Wind a rubber band around the leg of the chair, being sure to do it in a way that it can’t be seen, and then hook the other end of the rubber band on those teeth. That office chair ain’t going anywhere!

Yes, unfortunately some of these databases have inaccurate and outdated data. If you want to do a reverse lookup on a call that you got today you want to know its current owner and not the owner from 2007.