Nlp Techniques – What Are You Thinking?

You will find distinct similarities between weight loss and smoking cessation. The person with the most desire is the person who can achieve either one. This motivation means there is crystal clear commitment, and that is certainly what can make a significant difference. Anytime someone is highly motivated to succeed in anything, that feeling must first stem from the wish to have something. But we’ll reveal something that will take those two elements and make them much more powerful. Precisely what this 3rd aspect is will depend completely on your specific psychological make-up.

There can be completely different reasons for weight loss, even with you, and it is your task to discover them. Obviously this is an task that is to be completely one-of-a-kind to you. You might need to lose weight for NLP Practitioner Training Certification distinct health reasons like being diabetic or trending toward diabetes. It is possible that the joints in your limbs are overly stressed and are uncomfortable. Purely gaining better health and wellbeing for your family and friends could be a great reason. Or, naturally, you wish to avoid the numerous possible health issues that may arise as you mature. These are merely a few good examples which could serve as tangible reasons to slim down.

As opposed to merely thinking you wish to lose weight, ask yourself the reason why you really want to do it. Obviously this is an activity that is to be completely distinctive to you. For instance, there are few things more inspiring when it concerns medical problems. If you’re overweight, then maybe your knee and hip joints are causing problems as a result of weight. Perhaps you have young kids, and you desire to boost the quality of your life on their behalf. Or, understandably, you would like to prevent the countless possible health concerns that may arise as you become older. I have listed a couple of good examples that could serve as concrete reasons to slim down.

To climb any of the 46 Adirondack high peaks you need to possess extreme endurance and a high level of motivation. These are not your typical nature walks. My boyfriend and I decided to go camping for the 4th of July weekend. We planned to be outside basking in the sun while doing as many outdoor adventure activities as our time would allow. While our campground was perfectly situated in the high peaks region, it was an obvious must that we tackle on one of the Adirondack high peaks. Due to wanting to explore as much as possible, we decided to climb what is known to be the easiest and shortest round trip hike of all the peaks, Cascade Mountain.

I was in the middle of my life coaching certification training and I’d just researched and written a 25 page document on how effective life coaching was for stress relief. But this had gone beyond stress relief. Even my meditation classes weren’t helping. I needed something else. Again, I didn’t want to take medication but did not know what else to do. So I went to a doctor for a physical checkup to see if there was something going on but my physical health was fine. She offered a referral to a psychologist but instinctively I felt this was not for me.

For example, what if you took time to visualize your exciting and very specific career and financial objectives? Then, you created objectives for the personal and professional relationships in your life. And, when you were done, you took the time to write down these thoughts in a written action plan with on-going self improvement and self-development milestones. Can you see how this would give you more excitement and motivation everyday? Don’t you agree that clarity about your direction in life is a powerful motivator?

Here’s a little story about how I tried this out on my son Elliot. Elliot had taken his laptop round to his mates for a New Years Eve party (yep really!). The laptop got broken (wow) because someone stood on it – but that person didn’t own up. The insurance agreed a replacement but Elliot was incandescent with rage that one of his mates could break something and not come clean.

When you commit to giving your best to others each day you will be improving yourself and your overall chance for success. You CAN acquire anything you want if you will but help enough other people get what they want. Give of your positive attitude, your willingness to help others (primarily those who are willing to help themselves), and your positive view of the bountiful opportunities this wonderful living experience offers us all.