My Top Ten List Of Halloween Music

If Halloween is the happiest time of year for folks in the Atlanta Underground Club Scene, Halfway to Halloween has to be a close second. It’s six months away from the big day, which makes it a great time to reuse last year’s costume or perhaps test out a new one for this year. This Friday, April 27 is the 3rd Annual Helter Shelter Halfway to Halloween party at The Shelter.

Frankenstein – Edgar Winter Group: Another #1 song that is actually a rock instrumental. Oddly enough, the title of the song refers to the numerous edits, splicing, and piecing together of the recording. It went through a lot of detail much like the creation of the monster “Frankenstein”, which was coined by the band’s drummer. However, Edgar Winter referred frequently to the appropriateness of the song title because of its “monster-like, lumbering beat”. In my opinion, the very opening of the song makes it sound like Frankenstein is making a grand entrance.

There are a lot of free scary sounds available on the Internet. You can start your search here for some great Halloween sounds. Then grab some midi’s from this site, and this site and you should have a good library of basic gory sounds. If you’re still in need of some hair raising effects then you can find some real classic sound bites from the greatest horror movies right here.

If you are going to be having games you might want to get different prizes for the winners of the games. You could play different games like board games, racing games and maybe even just games that you can hook up to the television.

Last but definitely not least is halloween background music free. I’ve been building my collection for years, but for starters you can get a simple halloween sounds CD and put it on repeat. Chains, howling, screams make the young ones shake in their boots. The old ones (including parents) find it amusing but neat. I like to throw in a mix of halloween songs like monster mash and of course what Halloween would be complete without a little Danny Elfman. If you’re not familiar with Mr Elfman’s work, he has done soundtracks for some of the scariest movies out there. Google him and see what comes back.

The Tales From the Crypt theme song gives me the chills. Do you remember the days when this show aired on television? I could not wait for the next episode! The bizarre, strange outcomes in the end always surprised me. This is a great song to play even if others have never heard it before. There are enough eerie sounds within it to creep out anybody!

If you’re looking for some fun and games outdoors around the St. Louis area then bring the kids out to the Great Godfrey Maze but don’t forget the flashlight. You’re going to need it for all of the twists and turns if you’re going there at night. The kids will have fun shooting ears of corn out of a cannon. They have hay rides and tea cups and a corn crib. There’s plenty of fun for all.