Massage Chair Review Of Omega Prestigio Om-510 Shiatsu Recliner

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The Pisces Dolphin II may also be useful to you. It is a massage chair price with a telescopic design. The chair allows you to position your customer from a vertical position up to a horizontal position. It offers comfort and allows an appropriate practitioner on body mechanics.

One activity that you must always be aware of is lifting. It is important to use your legs while lifting. Otherwise you put concentrated pressure on your back which can cause many different problems.

Other massage supplies are DVD of Healthy Hands, Wrists and Forearms. The video is divided into six sections namely stretching exercises, dexterity and coordination, strengthening exercises, self massage techniques, pain’s body and mind approach, and a hot and cold therapy. This is a good way to theoretically learn and master the techniques. Then you can actually try it on a patient.

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Standing on your client’s left side gently place your left hand at the base of the neck and your lower hand about six inches below it on the left side of the spine. Your hands should be lightly curved, with the fingertips barely resting on each contact point on the back. Now rock nine times using gentle pressure with the palms. Remember to rock gently. Do not press down on the spine.

As a therapist, the Portable massage chair is not one of the equipments that should be missing in your arsenal. With it you can get some good contracts from companies that are giving their employees a massage treat. You can also organize your own massage sessions on the road with a massage stool.