Comments on: It Resonates Food on Your Face Thu, 18 Aug 2016 20:35:15 +0000 hourly 1 By: Murphy Kismet Tue, 05 Apr 2011 02:19:20 +0000 So… it seems I’ve found a way in!
I googled it, and came up with this url:
I have google-fu! 😀

By: Murphy Kismet Tue, 05 Apr 2011 02:15:49 +0000 Hi!
I’ve been wanting to check out your new site, but when I click on the link, the tab opens up and says “Internal Server Error”.
I have no idea if it’s something I’m doing, or not.
Do you?
Thank you.

By: Rosemary Burton Thu, 31 Mar 2011 14:27:19 +0000 When you come across a new philosophy that seems like the greatest discovery ever…don’t assume anything. Don’t assume that because it was complicated and took a great deal of reflection or explanation to grasp this new point of view that this makes it true. Stand there in this new perspective for a little while taking in the view and breathe in the headiness that comes from bending your mind into a new yoga pose, heck, even enjoy it. Then breathe out and say this new idea out loud to three people, the person who is living successfully under the exact opposite philosophy, the person who was living under this exact philosophy and their life is a train wreck (possibly because of this philosophy), and finally say this, out loud, with an open mind to the person in the mirror. Did any of these three scenarios make you feel the fool? You say, “Hey, but wait! I know this is right. I have had an epiphany! I am sure I heard angelic voices and possibly harps. Don’t make light of this, it’s profound.” I think you should enjoy your new perspective and then remember those three faces that will tell you this is just a different vantage point of the same old earth we all have been living on and it should give you perspective to balance out your world view but balance is the objective in life. Standing on your head is a great new feat and opens up all sorts of new ways of looking at things but isn’t a realistic way of living the rest of your life no matter how high you are on achievement.

This especially includes the “positive thinking/speaking”. You have changed nothing in the real world with your thoughts or anything you spoke. You are not God and your power of change is LIMITED. You have changed only your perspective; take those rose colored glasses off before you deceive your mind into believing things that are simply not true. You are going to believe you are all pink and pretty when looking in the mirror even at a glance should tell you that you are sickly and in need of change immediately if you are to recover. If you choose to ignore everything but your created reality saying it is true because it looks this way to me more and more every day you’re only living with your head in the sand thinking you’re invisible. You may find that you are the Emperor with out clothes!
You may think that what you put out is what you get back or what I live is what I attract, but this is not as simple as many people have made it out to be. For every ACTION there is a reaction and when your actions affect others they react. If you smile at others, most will smile back, most, not all. Smiling is a great example for the happy seekers out there. Smiling is not always appropriate! Happy is not a constant maintainable state. High moments are harder and harder to achieve if you live in the clouds. Life is full of ups and downs and harmony is in the balance. If you have a gift or talent for something, you do not attract others with the same talent, you attract those in need of your talent. Doctors and hospitals do not attract more doctors and hospitals they attract the sick in need of these services. It is human nature to destroy what it doesn’t understand and kill what it is jealous of or martyr the most gifted to bring about change.
Don’t deceive yourself into thinking you are empowered only to find you have only been tempting fate.

By: Stephanie Wed, 30 Mar 2011 22:16:20 +0000 Good for you for giving those thoughts a place to run and stretch their legs! I’ll see you over there…

By: Lucy Wed, 30 Mar 2011 20:47:17 +0000 I am going to check out the movie right away. Sounds like something I’ll go nuts over. Good job on starting the new blog!

By: Kesha Wed, 30 Mar 2011 18:37:49 +0000 Way to go, Betty! I like it. And kudos to you for branching out and doing something new! I plan to watch the documentary so I can think lofty thoughts with you and our other Crunchy friends. 🙂