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Preparing your team to roll their sleeves up and get to work enthusiastically requires certain finesse. What could, under different circumstances, induce yawn (and a huge one at that!) in them, can in fact turn out to be a rewarding and gratifying experience, if the ‘grooming sessions’ are carried out well. Quick team building activities that serve as ice-breakers help your team to communicate better through proper interaction. Take a look at what can generate the interest you seek in your group members.

Games can be fun, but they do nothing towards the goal of developing the teams ability to communicate better and work better together. Team bonding activities Singapore like bowling and go-carting are enjoyable and can even help the team to have more camaraderie among them. But, it doesn’t do anything to develop skills. Which is why it is easily forgotten and has a low return on investment?

Here Solomon issues a bold challenges, particularly to those who are parents and instructors of children, to the propagating of wisdom, that it may not die with them. Train up children to prepare them for what they are designed for. Train them up, not in the way they WOULD go, but in the way they SHOULD go, the way in which, if you love them, you would have them go. It is true that many children indeed have departed from the good way Team building activities in which they were trained up Solomon himself did so. But the early training they received from their parents may be a means of their recovering themselves, as it is supposed Solomon did. At least the parents will have the comfort of knowing they have done their duty and used the appropriate means.

Say NO MORE to indoor team building exercises in the workplace or office – GET OUTDOORS and you’ll see the staff’s eyes light up. When did that happen with overhead projector?

This training activity encourages trust and becoming comfortable with the team. The participants stand in a circle, close enough not to leave space between them. A circle may be formed from 7 to 10 people. One person will stand in the middle of the circle, eyes closed, hands crossed at the chest. When he/she feels comfortable and ready, he/she will fall on any side, without moving his/her hands or feet. The members of the circle will catch him/her and set him/her to the original position. Every member of the circle will take turn in being in the middle and letting go.

How do you ensure that your team building event will actually do its job? Here are some tips to help you plan a corporate team building activity that will help your team pull together.

Have a rule that during games, the players in the dugout pay attention to the game. They should be making a lot of noise in support of team members who are on the field.

Take away – Whatever the event, take a feedback. It could be written or verbal based on the type of activities. It can also be clubbed with a debriefing session. Clearly discussing the take away and reactions to the session will help you estimate to what extent your objectives have been met. This will also convince the participants that their time was well spent.