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Today popular blogs received the teaser trailer to Cassandra Clare’s highly anticipated sequel in her The Infernal Devices series, ‘Clockwork Prince.’ The blog, Girls in the Stack shared the trailer on Twitter. Mortal Instruments fans fell in love with a new cast of shadowhunters and downworlders in the prequel’s debut, ‘Clockwork Angel.’ Now the mystery, drama, romance and hilarity continue with Tessa, Will, Jem and their friends when ‘Clockwork Prince’ comes out December 6.

Romantic relationships, for the most part, start out on the best note. The winds and seas are calm and beautiful. You cannot get enough of each other. Nothing can make you break up. Everything is good. You have the of your dreams. You have what you have always wanted; perfect relationship.

You also have to be okay with the fact that not every person you call on (or go out with) will be the right fit for you (or you for them). Everyone in sales has made a sale they later came to regret. They knew early on that this customer was going to be a problem, yet they didn’t want to walk away from the business. (Lord knows, I have done this with dating! If I had only walked away when my gut told me to!) It is perfectly acceptable to walk away. The longer you are in sales, the better you get at this. You realize that 20% of the customers can bring you 80% of the problems, and you learn to avoid that 20% as much as you can. Sometimes not making the sale saves you more money in the long run.

Q: But what do you say? At times, it reads like something being remembered rather than written. There are even some typos here and there, suggesting that someone was transcribing it or quickly jotting down details before they were forgotten. Is the world of Asharra, with its two suns and purple sky a real place?

There are three ways to meet one’s need for power—power over others, power with others and power within ourselves. Power over others is not a responsible way to meet one’s power need because it interferes with the other person getting his or her needs met. There are plenty of people who use power over others but I am advocating for the other two ways when seeking compatibility in relationships.

Only piece of advice regarding this is just make certain that what you are offering is high quality. If you offer a story you wrote 10 years ago that does not reflect your current polished writing style, this is not going to get you book sales for your current books. Either write something new, or do polish up something you have already written, so it reflects your current style.

This is just one of the many paths to Life Leadership, and it’s a great place to start. Whichever path you take, make sure it’s one that sees you powerfully making choices that will get you where you want to be. After all, your no-regrets life is waiting, and it’s most likely not hiding in a boardroom somewhere!