Do You Really Need A Plant Terrarium Kit?

Leopard Geckos are categorized as Lizards. Lizards are cold-blooded reptiles and belong to the Squamata order. Leopard geckos are four-legged, have visible ear openings and of course movable eyelids.

This evening they paid me a visit to show me their Terrarium team building creations. I have posted instructions below so that if you needed a last minute activity before school starts you have one to use.

Your frog will prefer the temperature to be between 70 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. Use a heat lamp or under-tank heater to maintain the temperature. Aim for about 80 degrees F. during the day, and no cooler than 70 degrees F. at night.

Caring for the plants is easy but there are a couple of rules you should adhere to. Do not excessively spring the fly traps shut. This is how they eat and they need to be open. Repeated use can also cause the traps to not function well. (It will only work five or six times then it will stop and the trap will die off). And you should never feed your plants ground hamburger. This is unhealthy for them and may kill them. Their metabolism is tuned to eating small insects not cows! If you keep your plants in an enclosed Terrarium workshop you will have to hand feed them yourself and a good source of food for them is small crickets, which can be bought at any well-stocked pet store.

While a tarantula would be fine in a small tank, a 5-gallon fish tank will give it plenty of room to roam round. While you may think a large tank would be ideal for the tarantula, the animal is quite used to living in burrows or tree hollows. A space that is too large will actually cause stress to the animal. The ideal habitat should be three to four times the size of the tarantula. You should be able to fit three to four of the same size tarantula inside the terrarium. That will provide plenty of room for the spider to explore, yet not too much as to cause stress to the pet.

Remember the full-grown size of a lizard and this leopard gecko can grow up to six feet long. Do you want a pet of such a size? You have to think about this first before actually buying the pet.

Decorations and reptile bulbs (optional) – there are various plants available to choose from. Reptile bulbs emit a light wavelength that lets you see your gecko at night without disrupting the tanks day-night cycle.