Do Music Because You Love It

There may not be anyone in the world who doesn’t know about Christmas carols. As the name says, it is a carol that is presented during Christmas eves. It can be referred as a song or hymn that is sung in groups to praise the importance of Christmas day. The lyrics are based on the theme of Christmas. Christmas carols shares the story behind the Christmas celebration and also praises Jesus Christ.

There is a difference between creating a mix for a live audience and uploading a mix on the net or something similar. The difference is the ‘party vibe’. Although fellow DJs and music connoisseurs will appreciate your ability to find the most obscure beats from new and hip genres, if you aren’t willing to fill a set with hit behind the voice that people want to dance to, then no one will want to give you a DJ gig.

Keep it consistent: While tempo is not quite as important during weight training as it is with cardio, it still plays a part. It is a good idea to keep the music you are listening to consistent throughout. If the beat and intensity of the music is too herky jerky going from Eminem to Jason Mraz it will throw you off your game and you’ll struggle to keep any sort of rhythm. Try and keep the beat and intensity consistent and you’ll be “cut” in no time.

What about finishing up a run strongly? Guess what, find your favorite tune and have at it! What better feeling is it to finish a run strongly? Finish a run strongly, and carry momentum into your next run. It can be quite a bummer to have hit the wall during a the end of an otherwise good run.

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I’ve been more or less vegetarian for about 40 years. Health diet really helps. I do meditation every day, and either yoga or sport several times a week. In winter we go to the mountains to ski. I play tennis twice a week, and I have a weekly run on my bike which takes me part of the way up a mountain and back down again. This is a bit rugged, but I feel really good afterwards! On the road I have to hit the fitness rooms in the hotels.

Everything Pixies comes together in a perfect blend in this song. Deals simple yet effective bass lines, the obscure lyrics. The mix of Blacks screaming manic voice and a subtle female voice in support. Searing guitar solos. It is all here. Chaotic but still with a weird catching melody it is the perfect Pixies song.