Black Or Red? Affiliate Marketing Roulette

If you him so of online gambling, you know that there are many different games in many different ways to play them. In fact, there can be so many options, you might feel overwhelmed. What a lot of people pick is roulette first. In principle, the game itself is quite simple: you pick a regular black number, we will get spun, and if it lands on your number you win. In practice, it’s quite a bit more complex especially when it comes to betting and various strategies. That said, there are a few things you should look into when deciding on a roulette system.

Let’s say to choose to play at column, place 1 chip on 2 of 3 columns. If the outcome hits one of columns that you bet, you win 1 chip: you bet 2 chips, one on each column, the winning column pay 2-to-1, so you get 3 chips from each winning turn; else if the outcome hits the column without the betting chip, you lose 2 chips. In short, if outcome hits the column you bet, you win one chip, else you lose 2 chips. By using this Roulette Strategy, you have 64.5% of chance to hit a winning turn on each spin, but if you lose, you have to win 2 turns to recover your losses.

First of all you have to really commit to yourself not to become emotional in gambling because it is the key factor that makes most players lost at the casino. Believe me, most of times players lose the game not because they can’t find a good roulette betting strategy, but because of their emotional behavior. They become greedy and want to win more when they win. On the other hand, they become panic when facing consecutive losses and start to bet wildly that cause them to lose all them money.

My life as a gambler has bought me in contact with all sorts of scams. Gamblers very rarely walk away so are always easy targets. My writing career has taken me down the road of exposing these scams as it is important to protect gamblers and gambling at these times of government legislation.

After all, the casino is depending on you to give it all to them anyway. If you don’t have a system to use while playing Roulette Strategy, you can consider yourself as just “paying” roulette, because that is all that you will be doing. The cost of entertainment? Okay. Trying to make a little bit of money without a system? Not okay.

Here is another outside bet pattern that occurs frequently. It also plays Red (R) or Black (B). When you see the pattern BBRB bet on Red. When you see RRBR bet on Black. Ignore zeros in the sequence. Progression is also 5 bets. It wins 98-99 out of 100 wagers. That equals $140-$340 using $5 chips.

Roulette strategies are just the tip of the ice berg but you must start somewhere. If you have are thinking of buying a roulette strategy you may want to check out this review first.