Baby Christening Gifts Ideas

Did you know that moms all around the nation are gathering their baby’s clothing and selling them in lots on eBay? A “lot” of clothing means more than one item in an auction. Most of the time there are anywhere from 20 to 100 or more pieces in an auction.

Giggle Moon BabiClothes: Add a little bit of fun to your daughter’s wardrobe at a fraction of the cost with Giggle Moon’s styles. Some sweet fashions you will find discounted are the Giggle Moon Apple Of My Heart Holly Apron Dress and the Giggle Moon Silver Bells Swing Set.

Many other gift ideas come to mind, such as personalized presents. This is a novel and unique way of giving a gift for the baby. The gift can be personalized by including the baby’s name. Personalized baby gifts come in the form of an embroidered blanket, monogrammed diaper bag or baby bathrobe, or even a wall decoration that comes with the baby’s name.

Nowadays, the organic trump baby onesie are more in fashion. While buying organic clothes you should ensure to find out if it is made of pure cotton or not. The benefit of making your baby wear organic clothes is that while growing cotton no amount of harsh chemicals and bleaches are used and this is safe for the baby as it doesn’t cause environmental pollution.

Get lots of helium filled balloons in various colors. If the shower has a theme, choose colors to go with the theme. Take odd numbers of balloons and tie them into bunches. Use baby items like bottles filled with water, plush toys, etc as anchors and tie balloon bunches to them.

Take a bottle of club soda, stick your finger inside and shake to get a fizz going. With your finger still in bottle, spray on the stinky milk stain. Get it wet but not soaking. The smell might be worse at first but that it will go away as the whole thing dries unlike the untreated milk odor, which will only worsen as time passes by.

Buying infant hangers or baby hangers for your child can motivate them to love the responsibility of putting their own clothes away. Kid sized hangers will help them to realize that helping is easy and fun. You can take comfort in knowing that, although this all seems like fun and games, you are helping to give your child the self esteem and physical skills that they need to succeed in life.