Ashkon Davaran Hits Home Run With Giants World Series Viral Video (Video Here)

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Now on to the next one… (No Pun Intended) Swedish House Mafia returns with their latest single which will undoubtedly be one of the biggest records of the summer. They debuted it to the world at their groundbreaking Masquerade Motel event in Miami this spring “Save The World” their brand new single from the forthcoming album.

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The basic gist of video marketing is that you create a video and submit them to sites like buy youtube views, Metacafe, or Viddler. To get people back to your website, you will want to list your website information at the bottom of your video, so that people can enter your website address into their web browser.

Q: I spoke in person with Jamey when Hatebreed was here last August (see link at bottom), two days before Kingdom of Sorrow was to begin its Ozzfest run without you. He was very supportive of you and concerned for your health, while adding how badly he wanted you to finish the Crowbar record. Would you describe your relationship as big brother-little brother?

Send it to your subscriber list. Remember, you don’t always want to sell to your list. Give them something free a lot of the time. A video is perfect for that.